How to Repair Moen kitchen faucet in easy steps

Moen is no doubt one of the best available kitchen faucets. But even the best sometimes need repair. The different possibilities of malfunctioning are the repair due to the faucet handle. The faucet handles may be malfunctioning or loose. Sometimes you may need to replace the O ring. Sometimes you only need to repair the leakage of the Moen kitchen faucet.

Moen has offered a lot of choices to its customers. The product range is not very wide but is considerably wide. Mostly when it comes to repairing the Moen kitchen faucet. The best strategy is to replace the problematic part with the Moin original part.

For this, you need to look at the catalog so that you may find the best replacement for your malfunctioning part. This product information can also be found at the official site of Moen.

We will discuss some common kitchen faucet problems and how to resolve them.

Leakage at the Spot

One of the most common problems with the kitchen faucets is the leakage at the sport. The reason for this problem is that the ceiling cartridge is not working. It is quite a possibility that the cartridge has been damaged or sales have been worn out. The solution is simply to change the sealing cartridge.

Find the supply of the water and cut it off. This can be done by closing the water valve under the sink. Once done now open the tab. This will blow out the remaining water. The pressure will be eased out. It is safe to open the water tab now.

The crew cab is located call the suicide handle. Locate it and remove it. you can easily do it with the help of a flat screw head driver.  What’s done you will be exposed to a set screw.

Use a 1 by 8 inch Allen wrench to lose the set screw. Once done now you can easily pull off the handle. It might be a possibility that the handle will not come right off. This is because of the scale. Just type it gently with the help of a hammer and it will come out easily.

The retaining nut is holding the cartridge. Besides this nut, you may find a retaining pin too. Remove it by using a cube diver of flathead. A piece of advice is to be careful sometimes it may fell down and go into the drain. This is difficult to recover and you may need to find a new one. Therefore be careful with this.

Normally you do not need a cartridge puller to remove it. In case the cartridge is old and stuck inside. Now you may need a cartridge puller. Move it back and forth gently and it will come out easily by pulling it.

Now you have a cartridge in hand. This is the time to examine it fully. Find out if it is damaged or broken. If it is then you need to replace it. But if it is not then you can use it again. Another possibility is that it is completely stuck with the scale. You will see a coating of scale on it. Put it in vinegar. An overnight stay in the vinegar will remove all the scale on it.

This is the time to replace O rings. Find the gas kits you will find it inside the valve speed. You can easily do it with the help of a screwdriver. Just bring it out from the wall housing only the screwdriver is enough for this job.

Do remember that O ring and gasket are easily available. But you need to buy only the specific gaskets and O rings. This cannot be used alternatively.

The service of the cartridge has been done. Put it back your kitchen faucet is ready to run again. If you still experience the leakage it means that you need to replace the valve seats. Open the kitchen faucet again. Use a seat wrench to remove the valve seat. Replace the valve seat and put it back again. This is advised to replace the valve seat than to repair it. These are commonly available and less expensive. Moreover, you can easily find the seat wrench easily from any hardware store.

Leakage at Base

If you see that the tap is continuously leaking at the base this is the time to remove the O – Ring.  Because the O ring at the base is not working properly the reason for this is that the O Ring has completed it is natural life and needed to be changed. The second reason is that because of any other reason the O ring has been damaged.

Cut the water supply again. You can find the water valves under the sink turn it off. Open the kitchen faucet this will drain the remaining water. Remove the handle and the shimmy. Now you can replace all the O rings. You can find these outside the valve body.

Replace these but before replacing you need to lubricate it. The best lubrication agent used here is the plumber’s lubricator. Clean the valve body from outside. You need to clean the spout from inside. Now you can easily replace the spout.

Simply reassemble all the elements of the kitchen faucet again. Resume the power supply and your kitchen faucet is again ready to serve you.


This is an adventure to do the repairing your self. This will not only save your time and money but keeps you active too. Just follow two measures. First, always use the recommended parts. Secondly, follow the guideline of an expert. By following both these guidelines you will get nearly the same results as by hiring a professional

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