How To Remove A Bathroom Faucet In Easy Steps

Remove A Bathroom Faucet

Hey there… wanna change your washroom faucet?

You don’t like that one handle old faucet anymore and wanna replace it?

Or it’s not working well and causing you disgust and trouble?

Or your bathroom faucet has a broken handle and you wanna know how to replace the bathroom faucet handle?

Whatever the reason is, your problem is to replace your bathroom faucet or you’re dealing with any issue while removal of our bathroom faucet. here you will get all those solutions you are looking for.

Yes, I am here to help you, and let me tell you I was also a newbie in the field a few years back as I am not a professional plumber just like you. Changing a  faucet on my own was no less than a nightmare to me as well.

But after a few tough and long expeditions where I actually fought with my blood and sweat even to remove my kitchen faucet nut. I figured it out it was not as complicated as it seems to be. I was an amateur and no one was here to guide me otherwise it’s not a big deal. Just 10 to 15 dedicated and equipped mins and some proper guidance and here you go with this faucet fixing job done.

So I decided to save a few DIYers like me and started this blog where you can get all your guidance to simplify your bathroom faucet removal problems. Which sounds so simple until you are fighting with them.

Lets Gear Up To Handle Your Faucet Removing Or Replacing Problems

Before we start mission faucet removing or faucet replacing lets gear up properly as when we lack in our ammunition we can’t win the battle. yes plz, update your gadget box with a few tools that are mandatory as this task is a bit technical.

Either you invest the amount that is pretty nominal or you can borrow these tools from a fellow DIYer, not a big deal. But when you are on your mission you need to have in hand

  1. Plumbers putty
  2. A measuring tape
  3. A cutter
  4. Adjustable wrench
  5. Basin Wrench  (my favorite)
  6. A plastic container
  7. Few wipes or a towel
  8. Tap or pipe spanners
  9. Your new favorite faucet

Once you get it all, now let’s get set to go and move towards your bathroom to do the rest.

How To Remove A Bathroom Faucet In Easy Steps?

Remove A Bathroom Faucet

Here I am going to share with you a few easy steps that will make your tough job easy. Yes, of course, it is possible if you are well organized and taking all the steps accordingly.


While you are going to remove your existing faucet you need to cut the water supply to avoid any mess or water spilling all around your bathroom. Yes, it’s easy you just need to shut off the water sockets by turning them clockwise.

To check that whether it’s done or not, open the faucet if the water supply is shut you will not get any water from the tap. If there is some problem with those sockets under the sink you need to shut the main water supply that might be in the basement or with the water pump.


In step two you need to remove the P-trap. The actual purpose of the P-Trap water is to save your washroom from the sewer gas that can spread in the washroom through your sink and cause you discomfort.

Removing your p-trap is not too difficult; you just need to unscrew the two plastic nuts that are connecting your P-trap to your sink outlet.your can either unscrew your P-Trap with yours and as they are placed at quite an approachable cavity. If it’s too tight to unlock with hands remember you have your tool kit, go get some help from your adjustable wrench.

Don’t forget to keep the plastic container under the P_trap while you are de-attaching it so you don’t have to clean the surface. Be organized, save time, save your stuff.


Now is the time for a real job, now you need to disconnect the supply lines of both hot and cold water. For this job, you need to use a basin wrench because that tool is designed to provide a perfect grip to unlock the nuts at narrow places.

Once your tool is fixed you just need to rotate it clockwise and you can easily unscrew the supply lines and detach them from the faucet.


Once you have reached the cavity and unscrew the supply lines now is the time when you need to reach the screw under your sink that is holding your faucet in place. Again you need to fit in the Basin wrench, I truly found it a very wise investment to unscrew the nuts under the basin and also used it to unscrew nuts in some other narrow places.

Once you will unscrew the nut holding the faucet your faucet is free to come out of the sink.

TIP: if you are finding it hard to unscrew the screws you can use a magical spray that is WD-40. This spray can loose the screws in just 15 minutes and make your job super easy. 


After unscrewing the faucet you can easily get it out from the sink without much trouble. Once the faucet is out you need to unscrew the sink outlet too that was connected to the P-trap. Now when you have done all the unwanted accessories you need to clean the workplace properly.

Either you can use water or wipes to clean the area before fitting the next and new faucet.


Now it’s up to you if you want to change the complete faucet set or you just want to remove the faucet handle or any other part.

If you want to replace the complete faucet you plz make sure that the new faucet you are choosing fits the measures i.e. the already existing holes in the sink. Once you have chosen your new faucet you are ready to fit it along.

Fitting a new faucet is comparatively an easy task.


Now you have your faucet you need to repeat the same process in reverse. Put the faucet in the cavity using a gas fitting for a perfect fit, tight the screws under the sink that hold the faucet. Once the faucet is fitted, fix the connections that supply the hot and cold water.

When the connections are revived. Fix the sink outlet again, but before putting the sink faucet in place. Don’t forget to place a plumbers putty ring around the sink hole where you need to fit in the outlet.

Don’t worry about excessive putty as when you tighten the outer and inner part of the outlet pipe you will be using a gas fitting of rubber from beneath. That will be provided to you along with the accessories so you can get a leakage free outlet. And the extra putty you can remove it with a wipe.


Once all is done you need to fit in the P-trap again you can tight its fittings with hand and a bit with adjustment wrench(don’t make it too tight). Now you need to fix the pivot rod along with the clevis straps. Now the task is done and you can do all this job done, in no more than 10 min if you follow these steps effectively and efficiently.

Go ahead reinstate the water supply and enjoy your new, trendy, and your choice faucet.

Good Bye Note

I hope this article will save you from falling in such trouble which I faced while I was a newbie. Now you can fix and remove your faucet in no time without the plumber assistance. You can get a better faucet in the same budget as now you don’t need to pay a few extra dollars to the plumber. As you can Do it By Yourself.

Different brand faucets may have a few different accessories but the main fittings and connections are always the same so this article is not about fitting a certain brand faucet, but you can fit and remove any bathroom faucet by following the procedure.

Have fun it fitting and removing your faucet and for any problem, you can come to our blog as we are trying our best to take your minor problems as our major.

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