What Is The Cost To Replace Kitchen Faucet?

The kitchen is the most special area in your home. It is well said that if you are looking for the heart of a home that is definitely your kitchen.

Have you ever thought what is the heart of a kitchen? What is the most frequently used article in a kitchen?

That is a kitchen faucet… Yes, whenever you are working in a kitchen whether you are washing the utensils or cleaning some veggies or even cleaning the kitchen shelves. A kitchen faucet is the most used and purposeful and desired item in a kitchen apparatus.

But when it is in frequent use, its wear and tear will also be frequent, so you need to replace it frequently as well.
Do you know what is the cost to replace a kitchen faucet? So many queries and so many questions about this phenomenon made me throw some light according to my research and some real experiences.

Cost Of Replacing Kitchen Faucet

When it comes to replacing a kitchen faucet various factors are involved. Such as what is the actual cost of the faucet you are going to replace. As there is is a huge variety of faucets that can be as low as  $149 and as high as $326.

Moreover, if you are going to replace the faucet by yourself definitely you can save the faucet replacement labor cost. Because it is going to take no less than 3 hours of labor and that cost can also vary from location to location. As it can be as low as $267 or as high as $ 334

Even a few minor charges like kitchen faucet job supplies and kitchen faucet the debris disposal can cost you up to $20. Again that will vary from location to location. So the total cost can go up to 442 dollars to 680 dollars. A quick estimate is about $550.

Average Cost To Replace Kitchen Faucet

The cost of installing your faucet can vary a lot depending on multiple factors. It can be different in different states such as the cost to replace kitchen faucet in Houston might to different than California.

As told earlier. The cost and time to your faucet fixing depend on your choices. If you hire a professional definitely you can replace your faucet quickly.

But here again, the factors like where the sink is located or what is the current condition of the pipes, or do you need to replace only the whole setup. Moreover, the type and quality of faucet also add a lot.  Definitely all these things are going to affect the cost of your faucet replacement. But if you want to know on average in the recent survey an average of $ 158 to $ 340 is estimated for those falling in the middle range.

Cost To Replace Kitchen Faucet And Sink

According to a kitchen designer it is estimated that the busiest area of a kitchen is the sink and faucet area. It is a rough estimation that these are used no less than 40 to 50 times a day and still this area can still be functional up to 10 years. After 10 years if you have to make a replacement I believe it should be good enough for the next 10 years. Because this area is actually the most functional part of a kitchen and kitchen is the most functional part of a home.

As the faucet replacement cost is dependent on the choice of your faucet so is the sink replacement cost. It depends upon the quality of Sink you have chosen as a replacement. A sink replacement can cost you up to $200 on the lower range and if you move towards a higher range that can be as high as $1000.

An average range on the cost of a sink replacement is almost $400 mostly the minimum cost is $200 and the maximum range can be even as high as $3,000.

Few Facts That Can Effect The Cost Of Faucet Replacement

Replacing a faucet by yourself is not a big issue but if you are afraid of some dark stinky places under the sink. Moreover, if you are not very much aware of the keys and connections then it’s better to engage a professional for perfect services and quickwork.

  • If your plumber is going to cost you according to the hours he has to spend in faucet replacing tasks. Definitely the more work he has to do the more cost he will charge, according to the time.
  • If you’re going to replace a complete kitchen faucet along with the whole connections and pipeline beneath it will definitely affect the cost. So the cost depends on, either you want to replace only the faucet or the entire structure.

Steps Your Plumber Needs To Follow While Faucet Replacement

Once you plumber will start the procedure of replacing new kitchen faucet most probably he will follow the following protocol.

  • First of all the plumber need to shut off the water supply, you can do it either from under the sink or for more safety from the street.
  • Now all the water already in the pipelines needs to be drained completely.
  • Afterward, the plumber needs to disconnect both hot and cold supplies of water. Moreover, a plumber needs to lose the nuts and bring down the faucet from the sink.
  • In the next step, the plumber needs to clear the old faucet area and position the new one.
  • Once the old faucet is down now the plumber needs to install the new faucet on the sink.
  • In the end, the plumber will do the final touch-ups like reinstating the water lines along with the sprayer components.
  • When the task will be completed he will start the water supply and after starting the water supply he needs to turn on the faucet and check it for any leakage.

Tips To Be On Budget

When you are going to replace your kitchen faucet also have a look if you have some aging hoses. Or even if you need to replace any shut-off valves that had been rusted with time. Because if you will tackle them at the same time it will not only save your money, time, and investment. But also will save you from any unseen disaster.

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