Cleaning Your Kitchen Faucet In Easy Steps

How to clean the kitchen faucet is essential to know for the hygiene of you and your family. We prepare food in the kitchen. We clean our utensils in the kitchen. If you have a dining table in your kitchen then the chances are high you even eat food in the kitchen. Our food is composed of different elements like fats, proteins, carbohydrates and other such elements. These are the elements that are necessary for our health. The most important element of all is hygiene. No matter what we eat if it is not clean it will not be beneficial for us but even can harm us.

Why it is difficult to clean the kitchen

For the sake of your health and your family, it is important to create a hygienic environment in the kitchen. For this, you need to clean your kitchen. It is often supposed to be the most difficult area of the home to be cleaned.

The reason is, different types of equipment are fixed in the kitchen and different types of food elements present in the kitchen require different types of cleaning.

Moreover the greasy elements always keep the things messy and sticky.Dust when combined with the grease element actually get tough to clean.

Step by step guide to clean your kitchen faucet

You will be amazed to see how easy it is to clean the kitchen by following this step-by-step guide.

Things you need to clean your kitchen faucet

You require these things to clean your kitchen.

  • Old Brush
  • White vinegar
  • Dish Cleaning Liquid
  • Rubber band
  • Plastic bag
  • A Cleaning Clothย 
  • Glass
  • Baking Soda

You may have noticed that you already have all these things present in your kitchen

letโ€™s do it!

The first thing to do is to plan your work. Identify the areas and the equipment you need to clean your kitchen. Usually, we need to clean the sink faucet buildup inside the faucet, pull down the kitchen faucet spray head. Take five minutes to decide where to start and where to end.

How to clean sink faucet buildup

The sinks are made to facilitate utensils cleaning in the kitchen. This makes its own cleaning difficult. The second fact because of which the cleaning of the sink is difficult are different types of substances like fats, carbohydrates, different minerals and other food substances.

These are being cleaned from the dishes inside the sink. These substances continuously fall in the sink. This is the main reason which makes it essential to clean the sink.Moreover if the sink is completely blocked it gets unfunctional.

Meaning you canโ€™t use it anymore for the required purpose. The substances that blocked your faucet are the same due to which microbiological organisms can grow in your kitchen. The growth of these microbiological organisms can potentially harm your health.

Four-Step to clean sink faucet buildup

You are only four steps away to clean your Sink as good as new.

Check for the special instructions

Please confirm that if the manufacturer of your sink has given some special instructions about the cleaning of the Sink. Usually, people do it with brushes. Some brushes may damage the surface of the Sink.

Here we use a clean cloth to clean the faucet of the sink. The clothes are usually harmless and they have good absorption too.Both these things make the cleaning easy.

Make the sink Shine

Apply dish cleaner liquid on the surface of the sink and rub it with a clean cloth. Clean it with the water. This is the time to bring some shine in your sink. The buffering of the faucet with a dry cloth will make your sink shine.

Remove the grime from your sink.

The second step is to remove the grime from your sink. Take half a cup of white vinegar. Fill the cup with the hot water.Now you have a mixture of white vinegar and hot water in equal proportion.

Dip the clean clothes in the cup and rub it on the sink. This will remove the grim from your sink. Please be aware that it may destroy the finishing of your fixtures. First, apply it on a small area check if it does not destroy the finishing of the fixture then apply it.

Removing permanent stains

In the food, we used different types of material. The combination of these materials can create permanent stains . The best cleaning agent for this type of stains is baking soda. And the best tool to apply this baking soda is any old brush.

A drop of water on the stain with a little bit of baking soda and rubbing with an old brush. You will see the miracle. The stains will be as clean as they were never there.

Hygienic kitchen โ€“ Healthy family

If you have any plans to change your old sink or buy a new one. Then a piece of honest advice is to go for the sinks that are made of materials that are microbiological resistant. This will keep your kitchen hygienic and your family healthy.

How to clean kitchen faucet sprayer head

The sprayer in your kitchen is your partner for cleaning purposes. The water has natural minerals in it. Whenever it flows and wherever it flows it leaves some of the minerals at the surface.

When we use the sprayer continuously it requires cleaning of the minerals. These minerals are present in the water and started to stock at the opening of the sprayer. The continuous storage of the minerals at the opening of the sprayer made the outlet narrow.

In order to enjoy the smooth flow of the water, this is necessary to clean the sprayer head at least once in a month. We have two types of the sprayer in the kitchens. In one type the aerator is not removable while in the other type the aerator is removable.

Letโ€™s have a look at how we can clean both of them.

How to clean kitchen faucet sprayer head (Fixed Aerator)

You can complete this process in less than 30 minutes. But we advise you to do it at night. Take a white bag made of polythene. Fill this bag with the white vinegar. With the help of a rubber band tie the bag on the opening of the head. This should be done in such a way that the opening of the sprayer head should be completely dipped in it.

You can open it after 30 minutes and scrub the opening of the sprayer head with the help of the old brush. The second way is to tie the white vinegar with the help of a transparent bag and the rubber band on the opening of the sprayer for the night.

When you get up in the morning remove the polythene bag from the opening of the sprayer head. Keep the tab open for 2 to 3 minutes. Your head is completely blockage free and no you can enjoy the smooth and perfect flow of water.

How to clean a pull-down kitchen faucet spray head

If your spray head is not fixed and you can move it easily. Then it is relatively easy to clean it. Take a plastic tape and wrap the outer surface of the sprayer with the tape so that the finish on the head of the sprayer should not be affected.

Take a small amount of white vinegar in a transparent polythene bag. The quantity of the white vinegar should be enough that the sprayer head can be soaked into it easily.

Put it for at least 30 minutes. If you can soak it for the whole night then the results will be a lot better. Take it out of the white vinegar. Open the tab the water will flow cleaning out White vinegar and those minerals that had blocked the opening of the sprayer.

Remove the tape from the sprayer head. You may brush the opening of the head if needed. If you do it for 30 minutes brush cleaning will definitely be needed.But if soaked for a complete night then the chances are high that you do not need to to use the brush.

How to clean faucet aerator

Some sprayers have removable aerators. Simply take it out of the spray head and put it in the white vinegar. The aerator consists of more than one sheet. Simply take the sheet with the holes and the rubber washers.

Take a bowl, fill it with the white vinegar and put rubber washers and sheet with the holes in it and wait for the 30 minutes. Take out both from the white vinegar. Rinse it with the water, put it back in the head, be sure that you fit the rubber washers and all the other sheets in the same manner as you took them out from the sprayer head.

Cleaning the kitchen is important for a hygienic lifestyle. until or unless your kitchen is not clean you can not live a healthy life. Cleaning the kitchen is not a hectic job to do. but do remember that this is a tricky job indeed. This involves logic and technique. Be clean and stay safe for the sake of your health and for the sake of the health of your family.